Monday, 29 December 2008

Tea Time

Sorry to keep banging on about the festive period but I just had to tell you one last thing.

Let me start at the beginning. I’m sure I've lived before, in a simpler time when things like television and iPods didn't exist and the only thing worth living for was the promise of a roll in the hay and a nice cup of tea. I don't know where this idea comes from but I spend much of my life browsing the vintage rails for old fashioned dresses and popping along to any car boot sale that promises to be selling old school tea sets and the like! Hmm...

On Christmas day I received an exquisite vintage tea set – I dropped a few hints around November and lo and behold, come December 25th, nestled regally under the long, spindly arms of the tree was a set that I will forever cherish. But such precious tea cups cannot have any old ‘builder’s tea’ sloshed around in their
finery. Oh no, that will just not do.

Thankfully one of my favourite fragrance houses, Miller Harris, has brought some delicious, fragrant alternatives to the market place. Lyn Harris is such a noble ‘nose’ and has created 3 teas with the same depth and elegance as her fine fragrances. All come with top, heart and base notes and offer a delicate, balanced alternative to regular English Breakfast.

My favourite is Thé Pétales. This light and feminine tea is an exceptionally pure blend of Vanilla Ceylon tea and Rose Absolute from Turkey. With a heart of Taiwanese White Tip Oolong, Geranium Bourbon and Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar, this exquisite tea demands the prettiest of cups. Cue the clinking of fine china...


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