Monday, 29 December 2008

Skin Saviour

At this time of year when the most important things are visiting relatives and trying to fight off the annual cold epidemic, your skin can often be forgotten about…until it’s too late.

I have recently become the victim of dry, painful skin on my cheeks and chin – not nice to touch and definitely not nice to look at. A close friend told me she’d recently stumbled across Rescue Cleansing Balm by Alpha-H and after just a few applications, her skin has never looked better.

Not all that convinced that this would be the answer to my problems, I squeezed out a 50p sized amount of the product and applied it to my damp face. Massaging it gently into my skin, it’s waxy, gel-like formula felt so nourishing and soft. After applying a little water, it foamed up into a lather which I then rinsed off. Just 3 applications later my skin was super hydrated, sleek to the touch and more radiant than ever. I was astounded and very, very happy with the result.

The combination of Grapeseed oil, Rosehip oil and Vitamin E make this a unique cleanser that effortlessly washes away dirt and gives you the best, most hydrated skin of your life.

Fresh, radiant, calm skin. What is more important in life?

Alpha-H Rescue Cleansing Balm £27.40

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