Tuesday, 23 February 2010

There's A Moose(head) Loose Aboot This Hoose

His Lordship is always complaining that I get to test and experiment with lovely beauty products as part of my working life while he toils tirelessly helping brands innovate and change for the future. Whilst he loves what he does, sometimes I think he'd like to just down tools for a few hours and get stuck into the beauty booty that gets delivered daily to Beauty Scoop HQ.

Now it's his chance. Recently I received some super-cute products from Moosehead, the no.1 grooming range in Australia. The two products we tested were the Mud Mask and the Moose-turising Face Hydrator.

We both agreed that the Mask made me look rather scary but was in an easy squeezy pack and smelled lovely on application. Ten minutes later, with the help of some lukewarm water, the mask had dissolved and my skin was glowing, smooth and youthful. His Lordship is now keen to get involved.

Next up, the Face Hydrator and HL was in the spotlight. So, what did he think? Well, he quite liked the packaging (manly brown with a yellow cap) and he was pleased that sunscreen was an added bonus. The consistenly was very good and "rubbed in well" and the smell was definitely a hit - "smells like summer" he mused. You can't argue with that.

Moosehead is available at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Tesco. The collection ranges from £1.49-£4.99.

Mud Mask £1.49
Moose-turising Face Hydrator £4.99

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