Sunday, 21 February 2010

Grow Your Own

I'm always banging on to His Lordship about our garden. Granted, it's a small decked area but we (i.e. His L) has always put in lots of effort making it look cute and tranquil with the addition of lovely pots, wall-mounted hanging basket things and cute accessories from a garden gallery in Paris. Whilst I have an eye for what may look good in the garden, I am just not green-fingered in any way, shape or form. I kill everything, however much I try to look after the little leafy beings.

However, maybe, just maybe, Postcarden, may be the solution. Whilst this is meant to be sent as a cute little postcard, I will quite happily send one to myself to cultivate a little oasis on my desk.

Postcarden is a fun (and easy) way to grow a mini-garden on your desktop, or windowsill. Thankfully, the instructions state that, "You don’t need a degree in horticulture to cultivate Postcarden’s easy-grow cress seeds - the simple pleasure and pride of guiding your garden from germination to growth is educating, engrossing and entertaining. " Quite.

Postcarden originates from A Studio For Design, a London-based company who create "unique gifts for thoughtful givers" - love that concept.

Go on, give good garden. £7.50

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