Monday, 22 February 2010

Spring In My Step

The runways were - and still are - awash with fabulous pastels - and not just on the eyes/lips. The fruity feeling has spread to the nail area and I for one have jumped in feet first to this new colour spectrum. Although, mark my words, I shall not be experimenting with the Tippex-esque nails that have also been 'springing' up.

Two brands doing the Spring thing proud are Revlon and nails inc. The former's Lilac Pastelle is a chic shade that will work well on lovely tanned skin, teamed with a fabulous white dress or a pretty flowery number.

Nails inc., as always, are bang up to date with their take on the Spring fling. I'm currently sporting Spring Mews (a delicate green shade - similar to that of a fine pea soup) and this weekend I'll trying the strawberry-milkshake-coloured Birdcage Walk - divine.

Get with the pastel programme.

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