Thursday, 20 January 2011

Detox Distraction

Detoxing seriously sucks - especially when it's cold and miserable outside and all you want to do is open a good bottle of wine to wind down after a hectic as hell day at the office.

Something that has cheered the miserable Beauty Scoop up over the past days is Arbonne's Foaming Sea Salt Scrub (part of their detox range), which was sent to me to try by the kind people at Arbonne who had been following my cold turkey moanings on Twitter.

The scrub is a twice or thrice weekly treat for your winter-worn skin. Lathering the product into a nice foam, it really got to work on buffing my dry, tired skin - and, thanks to its uplifting scent, I felt alive and revitalised.

My insides are feeling pretty cleansed and now my outside looks pretty damn good too.

My body's going to be a temple of saintliness in no time.


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