Friday, 14 January 2011

The Beauty Spot: Toni Horton

The Beauty Spot gets to know the amazing Toni Horton, owner of Something... the destination in London for quirky, eclectic and beautiful gifts for you and your nearest and dearest.

Why did you decide to set up Something…?
Before I opened the shop I was a Producer and Stylist and I often had to source unique or unusual objects and make them work in a specific setting. I decided to use that experience (and my love of shopping) to set up Something… to create a shopping experience that people could enjoy.

What’s your USP - What sets your store apart?
I think what sets us apart is a mix of products that you can’t find everywhere else, great customer service and a real love of what we do.

How do you decide what products and brands to stock?
I’m not hung up on brand names and would rather stock things that you can’t find everywhere else, so I’m constantly looking for distinctive, individual pieces and quirky designs. Our stock includes luxury beauty products, accessories, homeware, children’s clothes and many other things, so I’m sourcing all the time.

Do you have any celebrity fans of your store?
Something… is popular with a lot of celebrities, but I’m afraid my lips are sealed!

How do you think social media applications like Facebook and Twitter help a business like yours?
We use both Facebook and Twitter as a place to let our customers know about the latest products, offers and promotions that are running and the occasional bit of gossip from the girls at Something… We have a large fan base on both Facebook and Twitter and feel that being able to share photographs of products and insight into what’s going on in the shop really gives customers a chance to get to know what Something… is all about.

What other stores and/or entrepreneurs do you admire?
I really admire people who have a passion and a love for what they do. There are many stores and people that I find inspirational, but I guess one of the people I should mention is Paul Smith. Although his company is now a global brand, his constant passion, attention to detail and just sheer genius ensures that each of his stores has its own identity and feels like an independent boutique.

How would you like to see your business offering grow?
In the short term, we are very excited to have been offered the opportunity to open a series of pop-up shops in the City, with the first one opening in March. We launched our own brand of cashmere last year and so longer term we want to continue to build our own range of products.

58 Lamb's Conduit Street
T: 020 7430 1516

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