Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Georgia May Jagger's Rimmel Ad Ban

The length of Georgia May Jagger's eyelashes (or should I say the stick-on lash inserts that she flutters) have caused the Advertising Standards Agency to slap a big fat ban on Rimmel London's latest 1-2-3 Looks mascara advert - TV and print. Although both formats of their advert had a tiny line explaining that Georgia's look was styled with lash inserts, and the use of lash inserts is not uncommon in these types of promos, the ASA still felt that the results were too misleading: "Because we considered that the use of different-length lash inserts applied to the eyelash area was likely to distort the visual representation of the effect achievable from the use of the product alone, we concluded the images in the ad were misleading.

''We considered that the size and the position of the small print were not prominent enough to capture a reader's attention. We concluded therefore that the information set out in the disclaimer was not sufficiently clear.''

Rimmel will be unable to run this ad again in its current format.

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