Thursday, 14 January 2010

Intolerant, Moi?

His Lordship says I have a stomach made of steel - not on the outside, mind - simply because I can eat anything and I never seem to get cramps or waste time on the white throne... I think it must be family genes, because he's right, I am pretty much unsinkable on the stomach front - even when in deepest, darkest India.

The only thing that makes me question my stomach is when I eat jacket potatoes - I know, it sounds daft, but I look nine months pregnant after having one and it happens every time I opt for the carbalicious treat. It's very annoying as I love them.

Help may be hand though, thanks to Margo Marrone and her team at The Organic Pharmacy.

They're launching a Food Intolerance Awareness education campaign in all stores during Food Allergy & Food Intolerance Week from the 25th- 30th January. During this week you have the opportunity to learn about your food intolerances and sensitivities, learn how to diagnose symptoms and be offered tailored solutions to help overcome the problem. Genius.

Margo, co-Founder of The Organic Pharmacy says: "Food intolerances can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable and it’s only by understanding the cause of the symptoms that we can manage the problem and treat it. We hope our campaign will help customers work towards overcoming any problems they may have."

So do I.

The Intolerance Test involves a trained homeopath using a BioEnergetic device to test for the most common allergens and offer treatments accordingly. For the whole week The Organic Pharmacy will be offering customers the opportunity to have the test for a special price of £49 instead of £70.

Why suffer when there could be a solution within reach.

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Brighter Sparks said...

Disappointed I missed this as I have a similar problem with bread and yeasty products. Will have to ivestigate further...

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