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The Beauty Spot: Sue Devitt

Sarah Jessica Parker, Elle Macpherson, Jennifer Lopez... these are just some of the famous faces that Australian-born make-up artist Sue Devitt has worked her magic on.

Aside from making-up on the faces of the beautiful people, Sue also found time to create a covetable brand of exquisite, nutrient-rich cosmetics - every time I wear one of her products people immediately want to know what it is and where they can buy it.

Come find out a bit more about the lady in question. Her drive, determination and time-management skills put mine to shame.

Who are you and what do you do?
I am the founder and creator of Sue Devitt Beauty. After years of working as a celebrity make-up artist and extensive product development experience, I was inspired to develop a line of nutrient-rich cosmetics for the global marketplace focusing on a treatment infused colour palette for women worldwide.

I continue to work as a make-up artist for my key clients while I work on developing new products and travel to exotic destinations for inspiration.

How did you get started in the industry?
I began my career as a make-up artist working on location shoots all around the world for major fashion magazines. I travelled from one exotic destination to another for 10 years and realised that I was always inspired and creating while out on the road, experiencing all of nature’s beauty through colour, texture and light.

Explain the inspiration and philosophy of your brand? How do you continue to think of new collections?
When make-up artist beauty lines began to enter the market place and create a buzz I realised there was a very exciting opportunity to layer sophisticated technology, exquisite formulations, and delivery systems into what we were seeing as quite ordinary formulations that were pretty but not groundbreaking.

My formulations are all inspired by exotic destinations that I visit. Sometimes I'm inspired by the colours of a gorgeous landscape, like the Serengeti Plain or Mt. Kilimanjaro, and other times I'm in awe of big beautiful tropical flowers, or delicate water lilies, which I'll research to see if they contain a skincare benefit that I can blend into a formulation.

What celebrities have you worked with?
I have worked with some really beautiful women, including Rachel Weisz, Eva Longoria Parker, Keira Knightley, Kim Cattrall, Jennifer Connolly and Jennifer Lopez.

Describe a day in your life...
Every day is different and every day is an adventure. When I travel, nature is my office as I am constantly inspired by the beauty all around me – taking notes, photographs and working up ideas for the next collection.

I also make sure to carve out time to adhere to a regular fitness regimen. Believe me, I realise there is always a good reason for skipping a workout but we should not allow that to happen unless it’s completely 100% unavoidable. For me, routine is important so I have a standing pilates appointment with my instructor every Tuesday morning and I go to a semi-private pilates class every Thursday morning before work. Weekends I get in my cardio and yoga. My favorite type of yoga is Kundalini and then Astanga.

Additionally, I meditate as many days a week as I can, usually at least four. I have a morning and an evening meditation practice. Sometimes it’s hard to focus so I use a guidance DVD (Rodney Yee AM and PM Meditation) Keeping myself fit is imperative in terms of feeling good about myself (I have always been very sporty and active – kind of typically Australian), It’s important to stay fit so I can keep up with myself! I have to stay on top of my schedule and I need it for my own self pride. If I can do that, then I can use any free time I have to connect to and channel my creativity and allow unique thoughts and visions to manifest.

What are your hero beauty products - products you couldn't live without?
The list is long and they all have a specific job – I put them through boot camp before they are released. My faves would have to be:

1. Microquatic™ Luminous Finishing Mist – It immediately hydrates and refreshes the skin while stimulating collagen production and promoting circulation. The combination of Ceramide 2, MDI Complex, and light reflective properties create luminous, glowing skin instantly.

2. Microquatic™ Oxygen Infusion Masque – Soothes, reduces any redness, and nourishes dehydrated skin. The hydrating and calming ingredients in the masque such as Blue Algae and Chamomile Extract will naturally moisturise your skin whilst repairing any damage caused by the elements.

3. 70% Triple Seaweed Foundation ­– The 70% water content leaves skin looking and feeling visibly more healthy and hydrated while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Who else do you admire in the beauty industry?
There are so many people that influence me in my professional and personal life, but I try to take a unique and fresh approach to my business and not have "role models" that might change how I'd look at something from a fresh perspective. I use many individuals from different career paths and walks of life as sounding boards, but I am really trying to blaze my own trail.

What do you like to do in your free time (if you have any)?
Inspiration trips keep me motivated and excited. I have always liked discovering beauty in the far and distant corners of the world and all beauty related procedures and practices. I am committed to a healthy lifestyle in terms of nutrition and a regular fitness regimen that includes yoga, pilates, meditation, and, of course, sleeping well. I make sure I have time for a personal life, beach walks, bike and horse riding, playing tennis, sailing and skiing with friends. For intellectual stimulation I surround myself with friends and colleagues that are creative, like minded and philanthropic.

If you hadn't become a make-up artist what would you have done?
Born in Australia, immersed in clear skies and clean crystal waters I was raised in a naturally healthy environment and quickly developed a deep appreciation and respect for nature and her lively splendour. It was no surprise that when the time came for me to decide upon a career path it would involve a dedication to nature, vivid colour, texture and light. It was part of my DNA and had influenced me deeply and inspired me upon my path. I was torn between a career in make-up artistry, interior design, and landscape architecture.

What's left for you to achieve?
I always manage to combine my interests when on the road for a total experience; work becomes personal, personal life folds back into my work.

On a professional level, I’m driven to create a successful global beauty business that offers beauty on a multi-dimensional level – more than we understand beauty as it is defined today. I always have a ton of creative projects rolling but I love to trail blaze trends and be ‘first to market’ with innovative formulations, ingredient combinations and delivery systems.

On a more personal level, I am passionate about working with Coral Reefs in the South Pacific (CRISP), a non-profit ocean-conservation organization based in the French territory of New Caledonia that protects the coral reefs, the South Pacific eco-systems, and the communities that depend on them. Its economic and environmental initiatives address and ensure biodiversity and the sustainable development of the oceans. Proceeds from our Destination Eye & Cheek Palette in Solomon Islands launching this Spring benefit non-profit organization Coral Reefs in the South Pacific (CRISP) to help protect the ecosystems.

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