Monday, 13 July 2009

Queen Of The Shaves... That's Me

The topic of shaving/waxing/laser removal seems to come up in conversation every time I get together with my girlfriends (along with other high-brow subjects like 'how many Weight Watchers points are in an afternoon tea?' and 'do you think David Beckham was enhanced in that infamous Armani underwear ad?'...)

Anyway, I've always been a leg shaver as I feel that it's part of my beautifying routine and I actually quite enjoy the ritual of it all. Until recently I've been moving between Gilette Venus and an embarrassingly cheap and tacky version I'd picked up in Boots in a trolley dash before I went on holiday. Now, I can write smugly that I am using the King of all razors, the Azure shaver, the queen of all shavers, from King of Shaves. Previously only available for men (although I must admit I have tried the products before by half-inching them from His Lordship) they now offer their fab products for the fairer sex and I am very impressed with the results.

The Azure razor looks like an oversized potato peeler (in a pretty way though) and is gold in colour (it also comes with 3 extra blades - always a bonus). It's very nice to hold (a bit like David Beckham, I imagine!) and thanks to the TST (Touch Skin Technology) Reflex Living Hinge, your shave is firm yet comfortable and allows you a super close smooth shave. 5/5 for performance and packaging.

I use the King of Shaves (Woman) Pamper & Moisturise Shaving Gel which is simply delicious and makes my little shaving routine that much better.

A must-have for the shower room.

Azure Razor £4.99
Shaving Gel £3.32
Avilable from Sainsbury's, or at

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