Saturday, 25 July 2009

Fabulous Feet Time

Hmm, feet are not the most glamorous of things but in my bid to be beautiful from my head to my toes, I'm really focusing on them at the moment. Aside from painting them I'm now the proud owner of a new pedicure kit that makes them practically sparkle!

Revlon's Pedi-Expert (£9.78 is a cute but high-quality, salon-worthy at home kit that includes a pretty pink cheese grater, ehem, I mean stainless steel foot file that removes hard skin in a flash - and has a handy little tray (or 'skin catcher', if you prefer) to collect all the 'mess'.

Also included is a pair of nail clippers and a little nail file so you can file your little toenails to perfection.

I started using mine this week and I can definitely notice a difference. The big challenge will be keeping up the good work!

If you can't quite imagine what all this looks like, take a look at the little video below featuring the pedicure-perfect Elle Macpherson...

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