Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas Gift Guide: Day 11

As I am writing this from the comfort of Mother Dearest's home in the heart of the Cotswolds, I thought it only right to offer you a gift idea on the 11th day of the Christmas present guide that has a distinctly country feel to it. An offering from Daylesford Organic.

As writer and former Blur guitarist Alex James once said: "Daylesford Organic is not just a grocer's, it's a glamorous social hub where film stars, aristos and the super-rich jostle in the aisles."

But don't let that put you off. It is a beautiful place to visit - near the village of Kingham lies Lady Bamford's lair of luxurious farm-style buildings that house myriad of items to charm your credit cards from their hiding place: delicious food goodies (all organic of course), a chilled cheese room, cookery items, just-out-the-oven bread, vastly expensive fashion pieces, a deluxe florist and a well-run, well-stocked cafe.

If you can't make the journey, there are also outposts in London (Pimlico and Notting Hill and in Selfridges Food Hall), but until then why not add this basket of delights to your Christmas list.

The Winter Larder hamper has everything, and more, that you'll need to keep you stocked up over the festive period and beyond. Enjoy.

Better dash - we're off up there now.

Winter Larder Christmas Hamper £195

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