Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Camel Coat

Nails inc's latest launch, the chic camel-hued Cadogan Square, launched this week and has already sold over 1000 units. I like to think of this as the beauty world's response to the air of austerity that still hangs over our country. Can't afford the designer camel coat or trousersuit? Just buy the nail polish. It's kind of like buying a designer fragrance - you can't quite afford to buy into the brand's clothing but at least you get a slice of the pie.

Nails inc founder, Thea Green, said: "This season is all about luxury and a return to classic - camel polish makes you look luxe and groomed."

I couldn't agree more. For me, this is the shade of the season.


1 comment:

Sinead said...

Love it! You just can't beat neutrals when it comes to nails!

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