Sunday, 26 September 2010

Kirk Originals Kinetic Collection

I’m investigating eyewear at the moment. For two reasons:

1. I can’t see properly, thus I need help in the form of spectacles. I am also too scared to even contemplate contacts or laser eye surgery.

2. It’s an excuse to buy something that I class as ‘an accessory’, therefore is fun to research and, inevitably, purchase.

Kirk Originals Kinetic Collection came to my attention via a press release and I really love them. I’m undecided as to whether I could actually pull them off but, working in fashion, I can think of a few people who definitely could work them on a daily basis.

The cool thing about these glasses is that they feature panels along the arms which move as you, the wearer, move your head.

There are four styles to choose from:

Spectrum: a living spectrum of colour
Flash: a flash arrow that shoots along the arm
Skull: a strip of blazing flameswith a skull at the core
Equaliser: which ripples and pulsates with motion

Launching late October, can't wait.

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