Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Skincare Star

I'm currently testing a new product, and I have to admit - I'm liking it. Alot. In fact, the tester is practically bare, given my obsession with application upon application.

My current product passion? Cellular Marine Cream from !QMS Medicosmetics, the medical skincare range developed by cosmetics surgeon and skin regeneration researcher Dr Erich Schulte.

The cream was developed using ground-breaking technology from sea fennel plant stem cells and is said to help "erase lines while enhancing the stimulation of new skin cells, improving the skin's metabolism while leaving it radiant and rejuvenated".

I've only been using the cream for a week so I cannot place a guarantee on the line erasing elements (and I'm 28 years old so I don't have too many lines... yet) but I can say that it is a joy to use and makes my skin feel smoother, more moisturised with a happy sheen. Since my holiday I've developed a couple of brown skin spots and this has definitely helped to lighten them a touch - I imagine with further use that these would lighten even more.

When I get my hands on more, I'll continue on this merry path and let you know how I get on with the lines!

Definitely a brand to keep your eye on.

Cellular Marine (Stem Cell Line Eraser) 30 ml £200

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