Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Diptyque - I like

Diptyque is one of my favourite fragrance brands (not just because I used to help PR it in the UK many moons ago) because it's a fragrance line with a personality and a history. It's not endorsed by the latest celebrity darling, nor does it splash itself around on vast billboards around the globe - it simply is what it is... a stunning collection of old-school scents that have a heart, a fragance heart.

Their latest scent, Vetyverio, lives up to my expectations. It's encased in the signature heavy glass bottle with hand drawn label (well, they were hand drawn back in the day) and upon application you are enveloped into a fine fragrance cloud consisting of fresh grapefruit and soft rose. Whilst it sounds like quite a feminine scent, it's really not the case. I'd be happy to smell this on the neck of His Lordship without thinking, 'whoops, he's picked up my perfume by mistake.'

Share and share alike, I say.

Available to buy now.

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