Thursday, 11 March 2010

Rest In Peace, Corey Haim

It was yet another sad day yesterday in Showbiz HQ on hearing the news that brat pack star and my no.1 80s heart-throb Corey Haim had tragically died at the age of 38.

There is no confirmation yet on how The Lost Boys star died but it's being widely reported that it was an accidental overdose. It's heartbreaking that yet another Hollywood celebrity has checked out of this wonderful life early due to apparent addictions to prescription drugs. It's well documented that Corey had a history of addiction and it pains me that someone who was so well respected (earlier in his career) and talented has ended up in an early grave.

Corey Feldman spoke out last night about how Hollywood can make you a child star and then chews you up and spits you out when they're bored with you, which is what happened to Corey (Haim). He shot to fame but ended up living in a rental apartment with little money. He had shot two new films this year so maybe things were looking up for him but this is yet another example of how Hollywood isn't all glitz and glamour and can have such a detrimental effect on those who can't resist temptation.

Rest in peace, Corey.

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