Friday, 30 October 2009

Victoria Beckham On Harper's Bazaar

Here's my favourite Spice Girl-come-designer Victoria Beckham on the cover of December's Harper's Bazaar. As always, she looks immaculate and groomed to within an inch of her life. As regular readers of this blog know, I am a big VB fan - she's a legend in my eyes and has achieved her goal in life - "to be as big as Daz". Nice work, VB.

What did make me raise my eyebrow a touch was reading that she says she doesn't want to "rely on airbrushing" when posing for photo shoots and has instead taken to working out seven days a week. That is all well and good and makes me think I need to get my soon-to-walk-down-the-aisle bottom into the gym, but come on - EVERYONE is airbrushed and always will be. Publications simply wouldn't sell if they featured untouched stars on their covers (think glossy magazines like HB, Vogue, Tatler, Cosmo etc...) people buy magazines (OK, I do) for inspiration and aspiration and that is now simply a way of life in our perfection-rules society.

Sad but oh-so true.

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