Friday, 9 October 2009

Beauty Scoop Goes To India

Hello Scoopers,

Apologises for my lack of postings this week - it's been manic.

I'm heading off to India tomorrow for two weeks so the last seven days have consisted of me trying to sort out my visa, buying beauty essentials at Boots, helping His Lordship pack and general mayhem involving work and trying to catch up with friends - phew.

Anyway, I'll be back on Sat 24th October so I'll look forward to posting daily from then on.

Until then, stay beautiful.

The Beauty Scoop x
PS I'll try to Tweet daily from India but don't be mad if it just ain't possible.

1 comment:

Jessica Teas (née Gearhart) said...

I was in India for 3 and a half weeks this summer and it was madness... email and internet were a bit sparse on our budget journey. Where are you going?

Happy travels!

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